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Rock carvings

Tircht, Morocco

The entrance to the area. There is still about 2 km walk before you get there, but Foum el-Hassan is already about 3 km of river bed behind us.

Tircht, Morocco

Finally there! There is only one point in the nature that helps you find the directions: the sugar top mountain of Tircht. But the area is impossible to find without guides, and the carvings are found in loose stones.

Tircht, Morocco

It really looks like a reindeer. But this is a region touching the Sahara....

Tircht, Morocco

This is the largest rock carving we could find, simple interesting.

The rock carvings of Tircht are slowly disappearing. The sun continues the destruction that nature provides, but unfortunately there have been incidents of foreign tourists who removed parts of, or the whole of, the carvings. This they do without risk, as there are no guards whatsoever around.

Hotels and alternatives
Nothing here. The nearest in eastern direction is in Akka (less than one hour by car), in western direction Taghjijt (1,5 hour by car).

Restaurants and alternatives
Simple food can be found in Foum el-Hassan.

Change Money
The nearest is in Goulimime (3 hours west by car) and Tata (2,5 hours east by car).

Foum el-Hassen can be reached by buses between Tata and Goulimime. In order to get to Tircht you will have to walk the 5 km, but do not think that you can get there without a guide. Back and forth, expect to pay around 15 dh, but more if you bump into a really knowlegable guide.

Beware of extreme temperatures and strong sun.

By Tore Kjeilen