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Long since Ali Baba

Tioute, Morocco

Tioute, Morocco

This must be the most idiotic attempt to merge modern touristic needs and a tourist attraction. A large and dominating restaurants is buiilt into the kasbah, while the kasbah is crumbling. The whole setting is terrible! The only good thing is that important parts of the interior are kept inside the restaurant complex.

Tioute, Morocco

This is the best angle of the kasbah I could get. Belive me, the rest are shackles, and not worth the detour!

Tioute, Morocco

Somehow Tiout is on the list of places to visit when you're near Taroudannt. Let's say it straight: It does not deserve the effort!
To the extent Tiout is an oasis, it lacks the setting an oasis should have to meet the interests of visitors: the surrounding landscape that is arid.
And the kasbah which once was used to shoot the Hollywood film Ali Baba is turned into a restaurant, and you will have to walk all the way to the pools on this photo, to not to see the restaurant.
And the pools here, are nice and interesting, but would you really use hours to explore this place?

Hotels and alternatives
Nothing. Spend your nights in Taroudannt, 30 km north.

Restaurants and alternatives
The only restaurant is merged with the kasbah, and only open when tour groups pass in the morning.

Change Money
No banks. Change money in Taroudannt.

No reliable form of public transport. Some occasional shared taxis or buses.

By Tore Kjeilen