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1. Around the medina

2. Medina kids

3. Mellah

4. Grand Mosque

5. Tiny markets

6. Place de l'Oussa

7. Gates of protection

8. Museum of Arts

9. Place Hassan & palace

10. The Spanish city

11. Climb up the hill

12. The kasbah

13. The mountains


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Place Hassan 2 and the palace

Tetouan, Morocco

The main focal point of Tetouan, bridging the modern and old cities, is the Place Hassan 2. The original Spanish Andalucian garden was destroyed and a new square built in 1988, as an open, yet intimate square. The pavements have been decorated with Islamic motifs, and a new royal palace has been built in the northeastern corner, as well as three mosques and four free-standing minarets floodlit at night.
For generations this has been the place to see and be seen in Tetouan, so no wonder that virtually every site that has not been taken by monumental buildings has become a café.

Tetouan, Morocco

The entry to the medina, the Bab er-Rouah is almost invisible in between the larger houses. The royal palace's new facade begins to the left in the photo.

By Tore Kjeilen