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1. Around the medina

2. Medina kids

3. Mellah

4. Grand Mosque

5. Tiny markets

6. Place de l'Oussa

7. Gates of protection

8. Museum of Arts

9. Place Hassan & palace

10. The Spanish city

11. Climb up the hill

12. The kasbah

13. The mountains


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Gates through the protection

Tetouan, Morocco

Babu l-Okla which is facing in eastern direction, is one of the busiest gates to the medina of Tetouan, and definately the nicest one. When you enter the medina through Babu l-Okla, there is only 50 metre walk to the Museum of Arts.

Tetouan has several nice gates in the city walls, 8 major ones are still standing. One of them, the Bab er-Rouah now stands alone after its surrounding wall has been sacrificed to expansion.
The easternmost, the Bab el-Okla, is among the busiest as well as the nicest of the eight. It is also the oldest standing city gate, and its imminent quarter was traditionally the richest in Tetouan; look out for the fine 19th century mansions here. Alos, right in from the Okla, is the interesting Museum of Arts.

Tetouan, Morocco

By Tore Kjeilen