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1. Around the medina

2. Medina kids

3. Mellah

4. Grand Mosque

5. Tiny markets

6. Place de l'Oussa

7. Gates of protection

8. Museum of Arts

9. Place Hassan & palace

10. The Spanish city

11. Climb up the hill

12. The kasbah

13. The mountains


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Tiny markets

Tetouan, Morocco

Tetouan, Morocco

Tetouan, Morocco

Tetouan has suuqs spread around the medina, many of them located to specific squares. The food suuqs differ from this, not occupying their own space, rather following the streets for hundreds of metres. All types of fruits and vegetables can be bought here, and early in the morning also fresh fish.
Suuq al-Houts is right in from the Bab ar-Rouah, next to the Place Hassan 2, and is as charming as it is tiny. Most of the day it is dominated by a clothes and linen market — aiming at locals. Tetouan has a specific speciality known as fouta which has a wide variety of purposes (lower photo). In the streets it is seen as a type of skirt worn by women from Berber villages. But at home it is used for decoration, keeping warm or packing things. Should you wish to buy one, expect to pay between 50 and 100dh.
At the Guersa al-Kebira, everything possible in iron and steel is sold. But most of the stuff is old. Notice the beds, they're mere presence here is actually quite impressive: The streets surrounding the market area are so narrow and curved that at many points the passage of a 2 metre bed seems impossible.

By Tore Kjeilen