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1. Around the medina

2. Medina kids

3. Mellah

4. Grand Mosque

5. Tiny markets

6. Place de l'Oussa

7. Gates of protection

8. Museum of Arts

9. Place Hassan & palace

10. The Spanish city

11. Climb up the hill

12. The kasbah

13. The mountains


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Tetouan, Morocco

The Jews of Tetouan benefitted for long from being permitted to travel back and forth to Europe, which also provided for prosperity for the rest of the town's population.
The quarter known today as the mellah or simply Qods is of a more recent date than many other similar quarters across Morocco, formally established in 1807. Still, the only synagogue still in use, Yitzhak Benoualid, dates back to the 18th century.
Locating the mellah looks easy on map, but unless you know what distinguishes its houses it may just feel like part of the medina. But there are clear differences, mellah houses are taller, more square and often they have dark painted iron balconies and window grilles. Heading in from the Place Hassan 2, you turn to the right right before the Bab er-Rouah.
And today, how many are left? Virtuall nobody, the community was emptied in the second part of the 20th century.

By Tore Kjeilen