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Temara Plage

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Relaxing Rabat

Temara Plage, Morocco

Temara is a popular beach resort for the inhabitants of Rabat. The beach consists of several sandy strips.
4 km from the beach is the village of Temara, which is not as uninteresting as it may seem, thanks to its old kasbah, which is worth a visit.

Temara Plage hotels

La Felouque Swimming pool (t. 037 744388) Good value for money
Panorama (t. 037 744289) Good value for money
Studio Temara Plage (t. 037 744741) Good value for money

St Germain en Laye (t. 037 744230) OK value for money

Temara Plage has several mid-range hotels. The sole alternative for those on a budget is the Camping les Sablettes.
Good restaurants in hotels, or there are fine independent restaurants.
Nightlife is reported to be good, and women-friendly.
Temara Plage is well-served by public transportation from Rabat. Note that there are two different buses for Temara Ville (the village) and Temara Plage (the beach).

By Tore Kjeilen