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Tazzeka Mountains

Tazzeka Mountains

1. The deepest cave Friouato

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The deepest cave Friouato

Tazzeka, Morocco

Tazzeka, Morocco

The Gouffre du Friouato lies some 25 km from Taza and is allegedly the deepest cave in North Africa, going some 180 metres down. 500 steps lead visitors down the 30 metre wide pot to the bottom full of scree. Return to the surface is by a narrow tunnel.
For those with a torch or a guide, there are several passages to explore. Note that many parts of the cave have not been properly investigated.
Admission is 3dh. Local guides take up to 4 people for anything between 100dh and 200dh. It is possible to get a cheap seat in a grand taxi from Taza, and back. Otherwise, hiring your own taxi should cost 150dh to 200dh for a return fare.

By Tore Kjeilen