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Tazzarine hotels

Camping Amasttou (t. 044 838078) Good value for money

Bougafer Price include half board. (t. 044 839169) Good value for money

Village Touristique Bougafer Also a campsite. Price included half board. Swimming pool (t. 044 839005) Good value for money

Tazzarine is not a travellers' destination, although it is the closest place to three sights showing rock engravings, Tiouririne (7 km) and Ait Ouazik (26 km); and fossils (18 km). Its oasis is nice enough, but when you have come this far, it offers nothing new. There are some kasbahs around the region, too.
Tazzarine is half way between N'kob and Alnif, therefore a vital stop.

Tazzarine has two options for the night, both are run by the same people. Both places have rooms with half board, which is of course the only good thing, considering that there are no normal restaurants in the village.
There are two camping options near Tazzarine. The Bougafer is nice and reasonably priced, but the most popular is still Camping Amasttou (t. 044 838078).
Guides are easy to find to hire for a half day or full day excursion in the region.
N'kob is about 50 km west, Alnif about 65 km northeast, and Rissani about 160 km further northeast. Minibuses do the stretch, but these are infrequent, and the best time to travel is early in the morning.

By Tore Kjeilen