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1. City streets

2. City walls

3. Berber market

4. Arab market

5. Place Assareg

6. Kasbah


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Biggest of the untouched cities

Taroudannt is one of the places least touched by the French, without being a remote village. When arriving here, the city stands out as big, but the reported number of inhabitants is around 30,000, only. Taroudannt is a must for the traveller doing the southern parts of Morocco. The dark red, 7 metres tall wall around it, is splendid, and the city life bustling. The quality of handicrafts are often higher here than you'll find it elsewhere in Morocco.

Taroudannt, Morocco

Taroudannt is best visited on Thursdays and Saturdays when people from the High Atlas come down to the city, to the market. Then this bustling city, gets even more of its friendly crowdedness.

Taroudannt, Morocco

By Tore Kjeilen