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Tan Tan Plage

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Beach of the future

Tan Tan Plage, Morocco

Tan Tan Plage is on the coast, some 25 kilometres away from Tan Tan itself. As there are very few houses here, and no neighbouring cities, you wonder where all the people around you come from. The beach next to the village is your first and last chance to swim for some hundred kilometres in either direction. But beware, if you are women travelling, all men in the city will accidentally take a stroll on the beach before half an hour has passed.
Tan Tan Plage has a research centre for fishing, that lies on a hill just above the village. Fishing is one of two activities that can give life to Tan Tan Plage one day. Tourism is the other, on the beach a medium sized ghost-hotel lies, abandoned many years ago when official plans to make Tan Tan Plage into a new destination for charter tourism. But if that day ever comes, a new village must be constructed,as the one lying there now only will bring bad concience into the minds of the tourists, as well as it is unable to serve any practical need of tourists.

Tan Tan Plage hotels

Raja (t. 048 879411) Good value for money

Belle Vue (t. 048 879133) Good value for money
Marin (t. 048 879146) Good value for money

Hotels and alternatives
A few hotels in town, ranging from medium standard to basic. Nothing to object in terms of value for money.

Restaurants and alternatives
Eating can be done in one of the basic cafés, in the hotels. There is even a Korean restaurant here!

Buses from or to Tan Tan stop here, but you never know if they are full or not.

By Tore Kjeilen