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The former capital

Tamnougalt, Morocco

You have hardly passed through Agdz, before you should start looking out for Tamnougalt. 6 km east of Agdz the largest ksour of Draa Valley lies, and tells a story that is fascinating.
Tamnougalt was once the capital of what functioned as an independent republic here in the Draa. The republic was ruled by an assembly of families, who controlled both exports and imports as well as taxation of local agriculture and small industries.
Tamnougalt still offers plenty to explore for travellers, there are many buildings making up the village, and they all come with distinct wall decorations, and have unusual tapering towers.

Tamnougalt, Morocco

Tamnougalt hotels

Jardin de Tamnougalt (t. 044 843614) Excellent value for money

More hotels in Agdz, a 6 km northwest.

Much of the local practicalities here sort under Agdz, 6 km west. But there is a very nice hotel here that should not be passed to quickly! The hotel also offers camping services.

By Tore Kjeilen