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1. Desolate landscape


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Between the palms

Taghjijt, Morocco

Taghjijt, Morocco

Taghjijt, Morocco

Taghjijt is a normal, but nice little village in between green and fresh palm trees. Around the village there is little to be seen of buildings. However, Taghjijt is a good base for travelling in this region as the village has the only proper hotel for hundreds of kilometres.
The top picture is made about 10 km east of Taghjijt, on the way to exploring Amtoudi. The landscape out here is strikingly desolate, and it quickly gets hot and sand start to whirl up, like on this picture. Even though there is something in the formations and colours that represents cold.

Taghjijt, Morocco

Hotels and alternatives
One hotel, the only hotel of a certain standard in the area. Taghjijt is therefore the base for exploring everything between Bou Izakarn and Akka. This includes Ifrane d'Anti-Atlas, Amtoudi, Tircht and Aït Herbil.

Restaurants and alternatives
Eat in the hotel, which serves good food.

There is a bar in the hotel, which is open even if there is only one client. But some of the male employees will join in, and give you nice company.

Change Money
Nothing. This has to be done in Goulimime, 80 km south-west or Tiznit, 130 north-west, or Tata, 250 km east.

There are frequent buses passing between Tata and Tiznit/Goulimime. To my knowledge there is normally a free seat in one of them. Shared taxis are rare and infrequent out here, and taxis are often hired for a day or a number of hours.

By Tore Kjeilen