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1. The blue stones


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Tafraoute hotels

Camping Etoiles du Sud (t. 066 098403) OK value for money
Reddouane (t. 048 800066) OK value for money
Tafraout (t. 048 800060) Good value for money
Tanger (t. 067 033073) OK value for money

Salama (t. 048 800448) Good value for money

Les Amandiers Swimming pool (t. 048 800088) Good value for money

Hotels and alternatives
OK, both very simple and quite luxurious.
The camping ground near town, the Etoiles du Sud, which has rooms, is a good camping spot but its rooms do not challenge those of the hotels.

Restaurants and alternatives
OK on places to eat, too. But there is not too much to choose from, even if the cafés are good here.

Change Money
No banks.

Good connections to Tiznit, acceptable to Agadir, with bus. Forget about taxis here.

By Tore Kjeilen