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Source Bleue de Meski

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Cool blue water

Canals running between different pools

Source Bleue de Meski, Morocco

Source Bleue de Meski, Morocco

Water here is a bit on the fresh side, something that will be a relief in summer but slightly unpleasant in winter. This is in winter...

With its tourist potential used to its maximum, much of the charm of the Source bleue de Meski near Er-Rashidia is lost. Sellers are over you as soon as you get out of the bus or the car, a there is even an entrance fee. The area is divided into two zones, the first is a pool now, all prepared for tourists seeking a refuge from the heat that haunts this area three quarters of the year. It is actually quite nice, though there is nothing that will even give you the feeling that you get across the real thing. Around the pool, a wall runs, while you can swin into what is explained to be the source itself. This is normally not visible, as it ends in a hole in the mountain wall.
There is even a tunnel leading you from the pool to the more original well, which has walls in real stone, but fortunately no even sides. Here people from the nearby village comes down to get their water. Big green palmes, and women in colourful clothes and kids playing makes this into the real attraction of the place.

Source Bleue de Meski, Morocco

Hotels and alternatives
There is a campsite right here, which is really attractive and feels like a part of the natural spring itself. Services at the camp site are priced normally.

Restaurants and alternatives
Connected to the campsite, there is a simple restaurant, that does the job but no more.

Change Money
Go back to Er-Rachidia for changing money.

Easy transport for getting here, just jump off the bus that runs between Er-Rachidia and Erfoud. Getting away from here is more awkward, since buses often are full. Hitch hiking should however be an acceptable solution.

By Tore Kjeilen