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Skhirat Plage

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Good enough for a king

Skhirat Plage, Morocco

Skhirat Plage's attractiveness may well be illustrated with it formerly being the home of a royal palace. Only a 1971 coup made the king abandon his summer resort.
Skhirat Plage is nice, but not really the place to come in small company. There is very little going on outside the hotels and the closed friend and family circles.

Skhirat Plage hotels

La Potiniere Price include half board. Open only July and August. (t. 037 742204) Good value for money

L'Amphitrite Palace (t. 037 621000) Good value for money

A few hotels, of which the best is one of Morocco's most luxurious. Eating is mainly done in hotel restaurants.
The best way of getting here, and back, is by train. The closest stop is Skhirat Ville. From here there are a few km walk to the beach.

By Tore Kjeilen