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Sidi Bouzid

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Moroccan's own beach

Sidi Bouzid, Morocco

Workout on the beach. It might seem unnecessary, but considering the amount of admiring boys and men, it probably serve a purpose after all.

Sidi Bouzid, Morocco

Sidi Bouzid, Morocco

Sidi Bouzid is an excellent way of getting away from everything that has to do with tourism for foreigners. This beach, which tames the waves of the Atlantic by forming one half of a circle, is crowded by young Moroccans through most of the summer season.
Through the summer of 1992 I spent about a week here, meeting with the same people every day, swimming, sun bathing and trying to read International Herald Tribune. The last thing wasn't all that easy, as the winds here are rather refreshing.
Sidi Bouzid's main reason for fame is its proximity to El-Jadida, a town that is quite fun for evenings, but which has a town beach that is a bit on the dirty side. Sidi Bouzid's beach however, is clean with clear water.

Hotels and alternatives
The main accommodation in Sidi Bouzid is bungalows. There are some few hotels, but these have a tendency of dealing with tour groups more than individual travellers. Bungalows are relatively easy to rent, and should normally cost about 300-500 dh a day, with good chances of discounts if you stay for a week or more.
But a very good alternative is to stay in El-Jadida, which has many hotels and more activities in the evening and night.

Restaurants and alternatives
There are some fresh and young places to eat, where the food will not impress anyone. Better is it to go to El-Jadida, even if this town too is rather uninspired with its cuisine.

Activities are around the streets until quite late in the evening. Both men and women stroll up and down, and meet new people.

Change Money
No banks, go to El-Jadida.

There are numerous mini buses going back and forth between El-Jadida and Sidi Bouzid. El-Jadida is unavoidable in all cases, as there are no buses leaving for remote destinations form Sidi Bouzid.

By Tore Kjeilen