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Setti Fatma

Setti Fatma

1. The village


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Setti Fatma hotels

Asgaour (t. 066 416419) Good value for money
La Perle d'Ourika (t. 061 567239) Good value for money
Setti Fatma (t. 066 454972) Good value for money

The few hotels at Setti Fatma are all cheap and basic but charming. You may pay a little bit more than you would expect for the standard.
Eating is quite good actually, tajines prepared in the countryside of Morocco always has a special flavour, and Setti Fatma is no exception in this respect. Prices are higher than you would expect to pay in Marrakech for the same style and quality, but it is still quite affordable.
Grand taxis are by far the best way of getting here, as buses are extraordinarily slow. They leave from the main stations in Marrakech, and both arrive at the same place in Setti Fatma.

By Tore Kjeilen