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1. A pleasant city walk

2. River and the bridges

3. The Mellah

4. Grand mosque

5. City walls

6. Water falls


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Sefrou hotels

Frenaie (t. 055 661027) OK value for money

Sidi Lahcen el-Youssi Swimming pool (t. 055 683428) Good value for money

Hotels and alternatives
Sefrou's hotels are quite charming, comfortable and reasonably priced. There is a mediocre campground out of town, with great views over town.

Restaurants and alternatives
Your best choices are the restaurants in the hotels. But there are some OK restaurants in the modern part of Sefrou.

No alcohols or discos at last check. But some young people hang out in the hotels, so you might find local company in early evenings.

Change Money
There are two normal banks in town.

No problems, but for longer destinations you will have to go by Fez. Connections from Fez start at Place de la Résistance.

By Tore Kjeilen