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Sarhro Mountains

Sarhro Mountains

1. Good treks


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Hotels and alternatives
There are no regular hotels in the area, but you will get across basic rooms in Iknioun and Nkob. Hence, be prepared to camp outside. This can be cold outside summer time, and even then temperatures drop heavily through the night.

Restaurants and alternatives
As bad as for hotels. You should stock up on canned food, some non-white bread and lots of water (allow 3 litres per person per day).

Change Money
Nothing, of course. But in this area, money is not vital, as you will have to bring almost all you need with you.

From Nkob to the Draa Valley and from Iknioun to Boumalne du Dades, there are transit taxis. You should expect some waiting time for this.

Do not set out without a good map or a good local guide. Bring provisions for at least one day more than you plan to spend out here. Bring all you need to protect yourself against heat, sun and physical strain.

By Tore Kjeilen