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Sarhro Mountains

Sarhro Mountains

1. Good treks


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Good treks

Sarhro village

Nkob valley, Morocco


Alnif, Morocco


Sarhro mountains, Morocco

Car: 1 day; Walking: 2 days
The Valley of Birds just southeast of Boumalne du Dades is easily done in a day if you have your own car. There are a number of birds in the area, especially larks.

Walking: 2 or 3 days
For most travellers, a route recommended by Rough Guide is the most likely trip, as it can be done in 2 or 3 days. It starts (or ends) at Iknioun, where you can get to from Boumalne du Dades by a transit taxi.
You cross in direction of Nkob (southwest), passing the mountain pass of Tizi'n'Tazazert at 2,283 metres above sea level. From this point on, you pass through a landscape of table-top mesas and volcanic cones. You drop by the waterfalls of Imi'n'Ougoulz, the village of Bab'n'Ali with its mountain gate, before you arrive at Nkob.
During the walk, you will have one or two days of camping on your own. At Nkob, ask for the rock carvings, before you catch a transit taxi for Tansikht in the Draa Valley (between Agdz (30 km) and Zagora (130 km), both with hotels). Or you could head down the Nkob Valley, a pale version of Draa Valley, but almost unexplored by tourists.

Car: 1 to 3 days
Since travelling across the mountains is difficult for most travellers, involving that you have enough time for this part of yuor expedition, and is able to take good care of yourself under difficult conditions, there is an alternative.
If you have a normal good vehicle, you can cross south of the mountains, passing through Nkob, Mellal, Tazzarine, before ending in Alnif.
From Alnif there are two alternatives, either north to the road between Tinerhir and Goulmima, or to Rissani. The latter is the most rewarding, but also twice as long.

Walking: 7 days
Start from Kelaa des Mgouna, pass by Jebel Amlal, head for the waterfalls at Imi'n'Ougoulz, turn north to Jebel Amalou'n'Mansour, continue to Iknioun, from where you could either continue walking or jump on a taxi or lorry for Boumalne du Dades.

By Tore Kjeilen