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Sarhro Mountains

Sarhro Mountains

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The barren mountains

Sarhro Mountains, Morocco

Sarhro Mountains, Morocco

Trekking in the Sarhro Mountains are among the "new" adventures of Morocco, after that more and more enthusiasts have explored the mountains of especially High Atlas. The popularity of Sarhro Mountains comes from the wildness and challenge it offers. The distances between settlements are longer than in other Moroccan mountain areas, and there is sometimes hours of walking through regions of nothing but great shapes and colours. No trees, houses, people or animals, just stone and mountains.
Walking is the most natural way of exploring the area, but car can be used, however with care. The piste of the mountains allows you both to cross the mountain area, let's say from Boumalne du Dades or Tinerhir in the north to Agdz or Zagora in the south.
Whether you go by foot or car, bringing a local guide with you is a good idea — or you can go by an organized tour, which is generally best arranged from back home, through a travel agency. Even if Sarhro is getting more and more popular, you can not expect just to join in on an organized tour without waiting several days.

Sarhro Mountains, Morocco

By Tore Kjeilen