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1. The old quarters

2. Medersa Abu Hassan

3. Great Mosque

4. Looking at Rabat


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Inside the old quarters

Sale, Morocco

Sale, Morocco

Sale, Morocco

Whitewashed houses along narrow streets make Sale a nice place simply to wander. The suuq is not aiming at tourists, which by many travellers is an important quality. Just note that lack of tourists does not necessarily bring prices down. Being a conservative place, plenty of vendors will not miss a chance of overcharging gullible foreigners.
The old quarters have a melleh, the Jewish quarters, placed inside the walls, with the medina further to the north. Suuqs, or shopping and craftsman streets, criss-cross the old quarters. Several of these are of the qissariya top, covered markets.
Further on follows a religious quarter, of which the Great Mosque and the Medersa of Abu al-Hassan stands out as the most interesting. There are also three shrines, closed to non-Muslims, but they can be explored for their attractive facades. The one of Sidi Abdullah ibn Hassoun has an important festival, moussem which takes place according to the Muslim calendar, meaning that its actual dates are different from year to year. The festival involves a procession of men dressed up as pirates.

By Tore Kjeilen