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Crystal-clear water

Saidia, Morocco

Saidia, Morocco

Saidia, Morocco

Saïdia is one out of a handful of resorts designed for Moroccans on holiday, but it is a good destinations even for foreigners.

The beach is first class, and as clean as it gets, the city lively, and people easygoing. But with the present situation in Algeria, and with the border no more than few hundred metres away, Saïdia has lost much of its attractiveness.
There is little to see around here, but the traditional folk music festival of August gives the city a distinct attraction, which every year entices a good number of foreign tourists. But by September, the city empties so drastically that you almost can feel the absence of the summer visitors.
Saidia's beach is the main attraction here, stretching for about 15 km west until the cape of Ras al-Ma. There are plenty of spots where those wishing for it can be quite private. The beach close to Saidia is popular, but only get really crowded in the hottest weeks of summer.

Sa´dia hotels

Paco (t. 056 625110) OK value for money

Rimal (t. 056 624142) Good value for money

Atlal (t. 056 625022) Good value for money
Hannour (t. 056 625115) Good value for money
Manhattan (t. 056 624243) OK value for money
Titanic (t. 056 624071) Good value for money

Hotels and alternatives
Simple hotels that can be packed in season, and closed out of season, and a couple of camping grounds.

Restaurants and alternatives
Excellent on food, with some very priceworthy restaurants. Saïdia has even got a couple of bars, and a disco.

Change Money
Necessary banks for changing money.

Buses or taxis to and from Oujda, from where connections to other places is easily arranged.

By Tore Kjeilen