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Rissani hotels

Auberge de Jeunesse (t. 055 575389) OK value for money
Panorama (t. 055 774093) OK value for money

Sijilmassa (t. 055 575042) OK value for money

Kasbah Asmaa (t. 055 774083) 3 km out. Good value for money

Rissani is in between areas with plenty of hotels. Few choose Rissani as their base exploring this region, preferring Erfoud or Merzouga. Still, there are a couple of hotels in town, with fair value for money.
OK, there are restaurants in the hotels, as well as a few independent, basic restaurants.
For changing money there is one bank, that performs all basic and necessary services.
Rissani has over the recent years become a staging post for shorter trips south. There are pleny of guides in town, selling different packages. In order to protect their livelihood, road signs along the good road have been removed to make it difficult for visitors to find their way.
Good, even if much appears to go through Er-Rachidia. You can choose between buses and shared taxis.

By Tore Kjeilen