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Paradise Valley

Paradise Valley

1. Narrow heaven


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Paradise Valley hotels

Tifrit Price include half board. (t. 048 826044) Good value for money

More hotels in Immouzer, a few km further.

Hotels and alternatives
There is one hotel (Hotel Tifrit) some kilometres after the eastern end of the Paradise Valley, in direction of Immouzer. At last visit, it was however closed, but did not appear to have been closed down.
Another alternative, is the charming but extremely overpriced hotel in Immouzer. This place is only an option when there are many other guests, as the rooms are fairly basic. It is better to spend the night in Agadir, or one of the coast hotels north of Agadir.

Restaurants and alternatives
When open, Hotel Tifrit will serve dinners.


Change Money
Nothing. Stock up on dirhams in Agadir.

Difficult, there are buses running between the coast and Immouzer. There is often just one bus in the morning, so unless you have your own transport, you should calculate to spend the night out here.

By Tore Kjeilen