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Ourika Valley

Ourika Valley

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Valley of flushing water

Ourika Valley, Morocco

You won't often come across areas as green and fresh as the Ourika Valley in Morocco.

The Ourika Valley is an attractive string of villages along the dangerous river carriying the same name. The landscape is fresh and green, and in summer a popular destination when Marrakech is boiling. But in winter the Oued Ourika can be dangerous, and floods sometimes destroy villages, roads and tear up trees.
The Ourika Valley starts about 30 km south of Marrakech, and the tarmac road will slowly bring you 37 km into the valley until you reach Setti Fatma, famous for its seven waterfalls.

Ourika Valley, Morocco

Ourika Valley, Morocco

Hotels and alternatives
There are a handful of hotels along the Oued Ourika, but these tend to be overpriced.

Restaurants and alternatives
Several serving opportunities, most cafés doubles as tagine restaurants. Quality can be excellent, but prices are often a bit above standard.

Change Money
Nothing. Do this in Marrakech.

There are buses and shared taxis that do the stretch between Marrakech and Setti Fatma. It should be fairly easy to get off anywhere you want, but you might have to do a bit of waiting when you want to move on.

By Tore Kjeilen