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Oum er-Rbia

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Cascades and 40 springs

Oum er-Rbia, Morocco

Oum er-Rbia, Morocco

Oum er-Rbia is a popular local destination, with its cascades and its wild river next to which small huts have been built. It mainly serves as a picnic spot, but is really quite attractive. More than 40 springs makes this a unique place in a country like Morocco, which has very few lakes and almost no rivers with summer water.
The drive to the Oum er-Rbia valley is definitely part of the whole experience, with twisting roads. From the parking lot, the walk to the springs is about 15 minutes and no guide (who offer their services to vistors) is really needed.

To our knowledge there are no ordinary forms of accommodation or restaurants here. The nearest options are in Azrou 70 km north. Travelling back and forth is done by own vehicle, or rented taxi from Azrou. A trip to Oum er-Rbia will naturally include the village of Ain Leuh.
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By Tore Kjeilen