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1. Skiing in January

2. I'm sliding!!!

3. Original village

4. High altitudes


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Ski lift at 3268 m

Oukaimeden, Morocco

The snow falls in the mountains just south of Marrakech every winter. And it stays. Wealthy people from all over southern Morocco, have since long learned how to enjoy skiing in their own country, and has given the ski resort Oukaïmeden a distinct Moroccan touch, too.
You don't need to bring your ski equipment all the way from home, all you need can be rented, and you should get away with 250 dh paid for a full day here (included a lift pass). And when you stand on the top of the ski lift, 3273 metres above sea level, looking out on sparkling snow, that ends in the fairy tale valley below, remember to stop for a minute or two. You're in subtropical Africa, you know!
Oukaïmeden and the areas around are some of the greatest in Morocco, with four seasons, and ever changing nature. In summer, few people enter this area — it is too well known for winter sports, I guess. But staying here a day or two is a real treat. Enjoying the luscious nature around you, or setting out trekking in the mountains are both excellent possibilities.
Further reading on this region see Toubkal Massif.

Oukaimeden, Morocco

By Tore Kjeilen