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Culinary centre

Ouirgane, Morocco

Modest in its immediate appearance, many will just pass through Ouirgane on their way across the High Atlas Mountains. But this place has become quite a place to stop, both for its charming hotels as well as good food.
The village is the real thing. In its low-key appearance, plenty of attractive spots are found.
With its amenities, Ouirgane has become a very interesting staging post for trekking into the mountains. Although budget travellers will find prices here steep, a bit of math could help. Consider that you head into the moutains for a few days, with the most basic accommodation that Morocco has on offer, then finish off with a slow day and night in one of Ouirgane's pleasant hotels. And add up the total cost of accomodation for the whole thing... It may fit your budget after all?
Further reading on this region see Toubkal Massif.

Ouirgane hotels

Cafe Badaoui (No phone) OK value for money

Le Moufflon (t. 044 485722) Good value for money

Au Sanglier Qui Fume Swimming pool (t. 044 485707) Excellent value for money
Bergerie Swimming pool (t. 044 485716) Good value for money
Chez Momo Swimming pool (t. 044 485704) Good value for money

Residence de la Roseraie (t. 044 432094) Good value for money

You will be surprised by the amenities that little Ouirgane has on offer. Hotels here are slightly expensive, but worth a splurge. Eating here, too, is reportedly not to be missed.
It is quite possible to arrange for a few days' treks into the mountains from here, but there are many options for day walks from here.
Getting back and forth from Ouirgane is not extremely easy, but there are a few minibuses and shared taxis early in the morning. Your connecting points are either Asni (15 km north) or Marrakech (60 km further north, same road), or Ijoukak (30 km south).

By Tore Kjeilen