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Oued Laou

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Oued Laou, Morocco

Oued Laou, Morocco

The main attraction of Oued Laou is the remoteness, the easygoingness and the great beach. The town by itself is nothing spectacular, and the immediate surrounding landscape is nice but no more. The drive to Oued Laou, either northwest to Tetouan or south to Chefchaouen will however take you through some dramatic landscape and the least populated areas of Morocco north of the Saharan regions.
People in Oued Laou are friendly and open. It will rarely take long before you find yourself in a friendly talk around some cups of coffee — or smoking hashish (which is very common in this region).
The beach goes on for kilometres, and due to limited number of inhabitants and even tourists, there will always be a stretch of sand that you can have to your own. If you do not want to spend the sunny hours in solitude, the stretch in front of the town is always filled with active Moroccans.

Oued Laou, Morocco

Hotels and alternatives
Two small and basic hotels. Friendly but without any form of luxury. There is also a campsite for those who feel that even a cheap hotel room is too expensive, or who just want to get in good contact with Moroccan families on holidays.

Restaurants and alternatives
Restaurants in the hotels, about as advanced as the hotel amenities.

Nothing organized, but in summer people stay up late, talk in the coffee shops or sit down in groups on the beach.

Change Money
As of last check, no banks for exchange money. Do this in either Chefchaouen or Tetouan.

This is the drawback, there is little in form of public transportation going out this way. There are some grand taxis, but this involves some waiting. Going out to Oued Laou it is easier to hire a cab, but this can be a little bit expensive, as many cab drivers will argue that you have to pay for the return of the cab, as there will be no customers to pick up in town. Getting out of Oued Laou is not so hard, then you will be one of the crowd and most people will tell you if someone else is leaving with a grand taxi and when.

By Tore Kjeilen