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Oyster lagoon

Oualidia, Morocco

Oualidia, Morocco

Oualidia, Morocco

Oualidia is just a tiny little village set about 500 metres from the Atlantic Sea that look down on the only local attractions, the sea and the lagoon.
Oualidia by itself is a profoundly ordinary Moroccan city even if it does have a certain charm and definite tranquility. But if you stop by one of the restaurants you will have plenty of chances of eating excellent local oysters at reasonable prices.
The tourist village of Oualidia is a charming collection of houses that follow one side of the lagoon all until the sea. Houses are typical suburban and aim clearly for Moroccan families on long summer vacations.
But there are also small water holes for the young, in the shape of cafés and simple restaurants. During high season the young take over most of the social life of Oualidia, and there are about as many boys and men as girls and women.
The lagoon of Oualidia is best experienced from a distance. In high summer it soon gets crowded and the water inevitably muddy. But with its setting with the fierce waves trying to break through the narrow opening, the city of Oualidia on the hill behind and the cute little tourist village on the southern side, it is a nice place to spend lazy summer days.
Among the greatest attractions of Oualidia is its easy access to shells and oysters. Fishermen sell it all in the streets, and prices are ridiculously low.

Oualidia hotels

A l'Araignee Gourmande (t. 023 366144) Good value for money
Surfland Tents. Including full board. (t. 022 276324) Good value for money

l'Initiale (t. 023 366246) Good value for money
Touristique Chems (t. 023 366940) OK value for money

Maison de l'Ostrea II (t. 023 366451) Good value for money

l'Hippocampe Swimming pool Including half board. (t. 023 366461) Good value for money

La Sultana With spa. Swimming pool (t. 00212 5 24 38 80 08 ) Good value for money

Oualidia, Morocco

Hotels and alternatives
Good offerings in hotels, for all standards. The cheapest option is the campsite, and for those with a bit of money good value hotels of good standards is available.

Restaurants and alternatives
Excellent. Plenty of restaurants that all have local oysters on the menu (at about 5 dh/piece)!!

Little. This is a tourist resort, but it mainly caters for families, so there is not all that much that happens in the evenings.

Change Money
There are banks in town.

Good connections both south and north with either shared taxis or buses.

By Tore Kjeilen