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Village of the kasbahs

N'kob, Morocco

N'kob, Morocco

The Kasbah Baha Baha.

N'kob hotels

Enakhil Saghro (t. 044 839719) Good value for money

Kasbah Baha Baha Also cheaper Berber tents. Swimming pool (t. 044 838463) Excellent value for money

Ksar Jenna Price includes half board. (t. 044 839790) Excellent value for money

No village in Morocco have more kasbahs than N'kob. Within a short distance there are as many as 52, of which one has been turned into a hotel.
N'kob also serves as a base for exploring the Sarhro Mountains, the barren and beautiful mountains.

Although three hotel options appear limited, all are excellent value for money being run by enthusiasts. All hotels have restaurants, and can aid in arranging trips. Some excursions are open for individuals, but tailor-made excursions can also be arranged.
Moving away from N'kob is best done in your own vehicle. Minibuses, most running early in the morning, is the closest you get to public transportation. Agdz is 70 km west, Zagora 110 km southwest, Tazzarine 50 km east, Alnif 115 km northeast and Rissani 220 km northeast.

By Tore Kjeilen