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Moulay Yacoub

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Relaxing in 54ºC

Moulya Yacoub, Morocco

Located in some of the greenest mountain hills of Morocco, the hot springs at Moulay Yacoub offer relaxation at 54ºC. The water pumped up from 1500 below ground us according to local belief good for treating both skin irritation and rheumatism.
Not only is the scenery beautiful, the village is also a nice little place, feeling quite bit like a resort. The clear majority of visitors here are Moroccans, but the odd foreigner can also be spotted.
Services are provided for in two separate structures. The public hammam is cheap and not terribly clean. The much more expensive Hot Springs medical centre have jacuzzis and pools open to the general public.

Moulay Yacoub hotels

Hanae (t. 055 694191) Good value for money

Aleonard (t. 055 694020) Good value for money
Bahia (t. 055 694015) OK value for money
Fedoua (t. 055 694050) Good value for money

Moulay Yacoub (t. 055 694035) Good value for money

Good on hotels in mid-range price and quality. Few options in terms of luxury and budget.
The public hammam is open 6.00-22.00, with separate sections for men and women. Entrance fee is 7dh. The more expensive centre is open 9.00-18.00 and costs 90dh for pool or jacuzzi, including bathrobe, towel and cloakroom. Message costs 200dh. Men and women share the same pool.

By Tore Kjeilen