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1. The colourful medina


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Beach and industry

Mohammedia, Morocco

Photo: Dan McLean

Mohammedia, Morocco

Tourist centre of Mohammedia. The town is very, very green. All streets are tree and palm covered. This takes away most of the urban feeling, and gives Mohammedia a friendly touch that Moroccan tourists love.

Mohammedia, Morocco

Mohammedia is very popular with Moroccans, especially people from Casablanca, due to a relaxed atmosphere, and a great beach. However, south along the coast, the beach ends quickly in a large plant of petrochemical industry, which so visible that you will feel insecure about polution the first time you enter the sea. But it is supposed to be clean, and there is a large number of Moroccans entering the waves.
Mohammedia is a friendly place, but quickly gets an abandoned feeling outside the summer season. During summer it is known for being open, relaxed and popular place for young people to meet, and have an (in the majority of the cases) innocent summer flirt.
There is little to see in Mohammedia, but walking around the streets is rewarding, framed by tall and green trees on both sides.

By Tore Kjeilen