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Beach off the beaten track

Mirhleft, Morocco

Mirhleft, Morocco

Mirhleft is a rather famous desination in southern Morocco, due to its setting and attractive nearby beaches. Also it is considered quite an amusing place to survive summer heat.
The beach is unusually clean — an important factor since the authorities has nearly stopped cleaning the beach of Agadir, further north. Waves and currents can be strong, but what swimmers loose, surfers gain.
Mirhleft is a nice litte village, but there are some OK attractions here too. There is a ruined French fort to explore (with carefulness) and an important Muslim tomb 3 km out of Mirhleft.

Mirhleft, Morocco

Mirhleft hotels

Farah (t. 062 120681) Good value for money
Resto Abertih (t. 048 710304) Good value for money
du Sud (t. 048 719024) Good value for money
Tafoukt (t. 048 719077) Good value for money

Atlas (t. 048 719309) Excellent value for money

Les 3 Chameaux Swimming pool (t. 048 719187) Good value for money

Hotels and alternatives
Simple, OK hotels, but beware of high prices during the summer season.

Restaurants and alternatives
Simple cafes, that often serve delicious food. Fish should be easy to come by.

Popluar activities deep into the evening. Little that involves drinking and dancing.

Change Money
Go to Sidi Ifni, about 25 km south.

Some buses and taxis pass through Mirhleft, on the way from Tiznit to Sidi Ifni. Some shared taxis serve only Mirhleft, too.

Beware of undercurrents while swimming.

By Tore Kjeilen