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Where civilization ends

Mhamid of Morocco

Photo: Paul Almasy/Corbis

Coming as far south as this, along the Draa' river, the main attractions are the mere primitiveness and the nearby sand dunes. The village of M'hamid is very modest by all standards, and not much different from the village you have passed before coming here.

M'hamid hotels

Auberge al-Khaima (t. 062 132170) Poor value for money
Iriqui (t. 044 885799) OK value for money
Sahara (t. 044 848009) Poor value for money

Hotels and alternatives
Hotels in M'hamid only come in the shape of cheap and basic. Quality varies from mediocre to bad, and only one place can really be considered.
For those who never get it cheap enough, or simply want to sleep under an open sky (which can be freezing outside summer), there is the Camping Hammada du Draa (t. 044 848086).

Restaurants and alternatives
The hotels come with restaurants, but just like everything else, they only serve simple food.

Change Money
Change money in Zagora.

Two buses every day to Zagora. There are no reports on any taxi services.

It is easy to arrange for night or even week excursions from here. Prices are supposed to be OK, and the experiences available fantastic. Bringing together a group is an effective way of reducing the individual cost.

M'hamid can get very hot during the day, and necessary protection as well as good supplies of water is always a good idea. And for the night, do not defy the cold Sahara nights!

By Tore Kjeilen