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The barren ridge

M'Goun, Morocco

M'Goun, Morocco

M'Goun is short for Irhil M'goun, the second highest mountains in Morocco, reaching up to 4,071 metres. It has become a very popular trekking destination, although time consuming it is not hard and its natural beauties are stunning.
The walk up to the summit takes you along a 30 km long barren ridge, going from west to east. The actual arrival at the top is not exactly as many would expect, due to the slow slopes. Almost as if watching a topographical map, you see the the mountain formations with the clear lines beneath you.
Many do this trek beginning in Ait Bougmez ending on the southern side of the High Atlas Mountains. Passing by the beautiful village of Magdez makes this a journey to savour. Popular starting points on the southern side are Tatrarate.
The exact time needed depends on how much to discover, as well as your physics. 3 days seem to be the minimum, 5 days seem to be the normal. There are several all-included and organized/guided trips. It should be easy organize such out of Marrakech, but there are several which have web pages too.

By Tore Kjeilen