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Mehdia Plage

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Beach of Kenitra

Mehdiya Plage

Mehdiya Plage

Mehdiya Plage

The Mehdiya Plage is often referred to in guide books as dull and even dirty. While there clearly are many beaches in Morocco more spectacular, Mehdiya Plage is nice and friendly. The beach itself is long, and rarely crowded except in the centre. And the waves are not as dangerous as many other places.
There line of holiday houses are a bit modest, and are used mainly by Moroccans from Europe back home on holidays.

Hotels and alternatives
One hotel, which is mid-priced and open even in winter time.

Restaurants and alternatives
Plenty of beach cafés, but better meals must be taken in the hotel restaurant.

OK in summer, but mainly dominated by young Moroccans walking up and down the street. The hotel has live music in summer.

Change Money
Nothing, go back to Kenitra.

OK public transport to and from Kenitra. There are also some taxis doing the stretch.

By Tore Kjeilen