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Massa Lagoon

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Birdwatching paradise

Massa lagoon, Morocco

Massa lagoon, Morocco

The Massa lagoon, situated an hours drive south of Agadir, is normally counted as Morocco's best bird reserve. In the lagoon, which is to large extent a river that ends in wide lake before it is sealed off from the sea by sand banks, you will find numerous rare birds.
Birds here count desert visitors, together with flamingoes, avocets and ducks. In the mornings you will be able to spot black and spotted sandgouse. In between the vegetation there will be godwit, turnstone, dunlin, snipe, black-headed bush shrike and litle crake. Out in the open sea the flamingoes rest, togheter with spoonbill, white stork, black-winged stilt, marsh harrier and osprey.

Massa lagoon, Morocco

Hotels and alternatives
The hotel situation could change anytime here, but at last check there was one open hotel of OK standards and price. Out by the beach, some kilometre from the bird reserve there is another possible option. This was not open at last check.

Restaurants and alternatives
In the hotels you can eat, but don't expect much for your money.

Change Money
Nothing, do this in Agadir 40 km north.

Unreliable forms of public transport, so if you have your own vehicle or can arrange for transport you will save a lot of time.

This is a bird reserve, and as you have guessed, you should enter with respect.
Also there are seasonal changes here. Best months are from March, April, October and November.

By Tore Kjeilen