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Lalla Fatma

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Wild or soft?

Lalla Fatma is one of the most popular beaches in the vicinity of Safi. After driving for about 10 km north, you take of to the left, and drive through a very rugged landscape with a road to go with it. Unless you haven't driving off the road, you end up right above the beach where there is a parking lot, which proved to be immensely helpful with my cold starts (I had rented a shitty car in Agadir).

Beach of Lalla Fatma

Swimming is not all too safe. The lifeguard told be with rolling eyes about the dangers of careless swimming and undercurrents, so resepect any black flag or warming: The canary islands is simply too far away. Most westerners coming here, seem to enjoy the sand and tranquility more than water sports.

By Tore Kjeilen