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Laayoune Plages

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Beach or cargo boats?

Laayoune Plage

No need to bring a bathing gown. Laayoune Plage is a strange place, where the police will take you under long investigations just because they're bored.
Let me try to describe. One long road, two big oil tankers in the port making a silhouette at the sunset. 300 metres wide beach on one side, and a group of rectangular houses on the other, kids playing football in the street, two or three women standing outside the grocery shop telling the latest gossip, and all the men between 16 and 60 packed into a couple of cafés, watching TV, smoking, and one or two better-offs drink a cup of mint tea.
And after a few minutes there are some young boys inside one café who try to sell you a live lobster, explaining that the chef in the hotel in Laayoune can prepare it, but hush! we all have to be careful, because it is illegal.
—«And if the chef won't, what the hell do you do with the lobster», you think.
When you go out of the café, three policemen are looking surprised at your car, rushing towards you as soon as they see you, demanding to see your passports. You hand them the passports, praising yourself that it is only the passports, and not also a lobster in a plastic bag.
One and a half hours later, after keeping you smilingly inside the police head quarters filling in huge forms in 8 copies, the policemen lead you to the city gate, waving friendly: "No trespassing here, but it was nice to meet you!"

Hotels and alternatives
No hotels.

Restaurants and alternatives
Simple food in coffee shops, only.

Change Money
No banks, but Laayoune is only 25 km away.

Shared taxis run shuttle between Laayoune and the Plage. If you're going anywhere else, the best choice is always going back to Laayoune first.

By Tore Kjeilen