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1. Football in Sahara

2. Flamingo lake

3. Place Mechouar

4. Suuq Djemal

5. The new mosque

6. Saharan architecture

7. The Spanish cathedral


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Laayoune hotels

Assahel (t. 048 890170) Good value for money
Marhaba (t. 048 893249) Good value for money
Rif (t. 048 894369) Good value for money
Sidi Ifni (t. 048 893488) Good value for money
Smara (No phone) Good value for money

Jodesa (t. 048 992064) Good value for money
Mekka (t. 048 993996) Good value for money

Lakouara (t. 048 893378) Good value for money
Sahara Line (t. 048 995454) Good value for money

Al-Massira Swimming pool (t. 048 994848) Good value for money
Nagjir (t. 048 894168) Good value for money

Parador Swimming pool (t. 048 892814) Good value for money

Laayoune, Morocco

Hotels and alternatives
Laayounes hotels offere generally poor value for money. A 4 star hotel here, would most probably be only a 3, or perhaps even 2 star hotel north in Moroccco. Apart from that, Laayoune covers the entire scale from luxury to the most basic, but the main problem in Laayoune is the presence of the UN controllers, who occupies most of the best beds in town. Hotel Nagjir is the saddest example of overrating.
Laayoune has no camping, and it is not recommended with individual camping, due to the nervous police in the region.

Restaurants and alternatives
Eating out is no problem in Laayoune, but there are not many posh places to go. Once again, UN personnell have taken control over some of the best places. But the same applies for Laayoune, as for Morocco in general, hole-in-wall places have the tastiest food. The best area for good, and rock bottom cheap food is near Suuq Djemal.

Very little these days. Hotel Nagjir earlier had a nightclub and a disco, but have lost its liquor license. Normal public life in Laayoune lasts until about 23.00.

Change Money
Laayoune has what you need from normal banks. You should not head south without changing into enough dirhams while you are still in Laayoune.

Laayoune has very good connections with all possible destinations. Grand taxis and buses are the main alternatives, the first are faster, the latter possible a little bit more comfortable. Laayoune also connects you to destinations like Dakhla, Agadir, Tan Tan and Casablanca with expensive air flights.

Some areas of Laayoune are housing Saharawi refugees, and these are off limits to foreigners, even if they can be poorly signposted. Police will react immediately if you are spotted in such a zone.
Only the post office has publically accessible internationally phone lines. There is no coverage for GSM here.

By Tore Kjeilen