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Skiing, wild boars and hashish

Ketama could have been a great tourist destination. With the nearby Tidirhine Mountain, which offer snow and skiing for some short winter months and wild boar hunting the rest of the year, it most certainly was an attractive destination earlier on.
But these days, Ketama, which hardly can be avoided if your going west-east along the Rif mountains, has a bad reputation, and could be dangerous (see Practicalities for more details).
Ketama still attracts visitors — travellers who have heard that hashish is easy to get here. But the same travellers have not heard that they might get a lot of trouble, too.

Ketama, Morocco

Hotels and alternatives
One hotel, mid-range price and quality.

Restaurants and alternatives
Eat at the hotel, or from small eateries in town.


Change Money
At time of writing, there are no known banks in Ketama. Head off for banks in Chefchaouen or Al-Hoceima.

Buses and shared taxis.

Several independent rumours have it that Ketama and the surrounding area is the most dangerous in Morocco, due to the relative independence from Rabat that locals enjoy, as well as the attitude towards law and order that the many hashish farmers and barons have. Invitations to visit farms should be accepted with carefulness, as the same rumours tell that your going away present will be absolute.
One way of dealing with the situation, is perhaps to leave all valuables behind and make clear before you accept such an invitation that you have nothing of interest.
Even more dramatic might be what Moroccan police can put you through. As soon as you leave the region, there is a major chance that they will stop you, and search your luggage and, if you have one, vehicle for hashish. And while they are lax with hashish possession in the rest of Morocco, the bad relationship between Ketama's locals and Moroccan authorities make them want to give Ketama as bad a reputation as possible: The more difficulties that Ketama's locals have to trade their main product of hashish, the weaker they get.

Fez (150 km south, winding and narrow road). There are two main attractions here: the nature along the road, as well as one of North Africa's most interesting cities.
Al-Hoceima (120 km east, winding and narrow road). If you want to go swimming, this is the best place to go next.
Chefchaouen (120 km west, winding and narrow road). Chefchaouen is also dealing with hashish, but is safe, friendly, beautiful, white and clean. A must!!!

By Tore Kjeilen