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Cheap side of Agadir

Inezgane, Morocco

Inezgane is only what it is meant to be: a suburb with well developed communications with every possible destinations. Actually, Inezgane serves as the main bus and taxi station for Agadir 13 km north.

Inezgane hotels

Louz (t. 048 331842) Good value for money
de Paris (t. 048 330571) Good value for money
al Qods (t. 048 834923) OK value for money

Hagounia (t. 048 832783) OK value for money

More hotels in Agadir, 8-13 km north.

Hotels and alternatives
Inezgane can be a smart place to spend a night, like in cases when you arrive late with a plane, or when you plan to begin an excursion southbound early in the morning. Some travellers even find it convenient to stay in Inezgane during their beach holiday in Agadir.

Restaurants and alternatives
Excellent value, and a good choice from both restaurants and fast food stalls (which normally serve better food than you will find in expensive touristic restaurants).

Nothing here, but communcations with Agadir are so good at all times, you easily can stay in Inezgane, and still go out at nights in Agadir.

Change Money
Change money in banks.

Excellent. The bus and taxi stations are easy to find, and you are well connected to every possible destination. There is also a bus for the nearby airport leaving from Inezgane.

By Tore Kjeilen