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1. Waterfalls at Tamarout

2. Village of Tamarout

3. Tiskjji's waterfalls

4. On top of the valleys


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Waterfalls at Tamarout

Immouzer, Morocco

Immouzer, Morocco

Immouzer, Morocco

It is quite easy to find — you just follow the path along the souvenir stalls, while you disregard the fact that there is no water in the waterfalls that gradually grows in front of you.
The waterfalls are definately the local pride. At the top, some 100 metres up, you will find Immouzer's only hotel. And at the bottom, you will meet local touts as well as a diver-for-money.
If you don't mind ice cold water, you can take a swim here. The pool made from the little water that runs inside the mountain is small but clean.

By Tore Kjeilen