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1. Waterfalls at Tamarout

2. Village of Tamarout

3. Tiskjji's waterfalls

4. On top of the valleys


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On top of the valleys

Immouzer, Morocco

Immouzer, Morocco

Immouzer, Morocco

At the very moment you enter Imouzzer, you know that you have done some serious travelling. The only road of the village, the simple houses and the real friendliness of the inhabitants, make it clear that this is off the beaten track.
As a matter of fact, there is little to behold in the village itself, and even the weekly market every Thursday is too common and small to be a good enough attraction by itself.
But the areas around Imouzzer are well worth the visit, with plenty of gorges, valleys, colourful mountains and waterfalls that carry no water through most of the year. If you head down the rough road from the easternmost point of Imouzzer you get to Tamarout after 4 km and Tiskjji after another 5 km.

Immouzer, Morocco

Immouzer hotels

Auberge Amalou (t. 061 287597) OK value for money

des Cascades Swimming pool (t. 048 826016) Good value for money

One hotel in Paradise Valley, a few km back.

Hotels and alternatives
Just one hotel, that is claiming high standards, even if the rooms are highly ordinary. The hotel relies upon the ambience, but in winter there few if any other guests than you, and then the ambience is rather hollow. But prices remain the same.
Sleeping with families is possible, but also overpriced. Shop around a bit before you settle with a deal.

Restaurants and alternatives
Some simple, but good restaurants. The ones in Immouzer centre are the cheapest.

Nothing, even if the local hotel might provide for something.

Change money
Nothing, do this in Agadir.

Very few buses that serves Agadir.

By Tore Kjeilen