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1. Forest in January

2. Fortress village

3. Down the wild river valley


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The port to the national park

Imlil, Morocco

Imlil is a beautiful little village, both at winter and in summer. Pink houses are unevenly arranged in between numerous trees, mainly walnut trees. The surrounding landscape is perfectly matched by the nature loving athmosphere of the place, where almost every person talking to you would like to go for a walk into the mountains with you. For a price, of course.
Imlil is situated at 1740 metre above sea level, and is the port to the Toubkal National Park. From Imlil, you can set out for stunning walks through the mountains, with great destinations like the ski sport centre Oukaïmeden (20 km), the highest mountain of North Africa, Jabal Toubkal (15 km) or the strange lake of Ifni (20 km).
Further reading on this region see Toubkal Massif.

Imlil, Morocco

By Tore Kjeilen