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Walking down the natural bridge

Imi'n'Ifri, Morocco

Imi'n'Ifri, Morocco

This is the big local sight, and with good reason. Imi'n'Ifri is not well captures by camera, but being there is something quite different. This natural formation is not only formed as a bridge, but it also serves as a bridge. On both sides of the "bridge" a wild landscape both opens up and closes in.
You should accept the local guide's services. He will tell you stories — how many of them are true is hard to say — about excavations, rock paintings and local animals. But more than that, he will guide you on a safe track down the gap.

Imi'n'Ifri, Morocco

The river runs smoothly between the rocks. Its force is so modest, that you cannot help stop and wonder how this could be the main reason why there is a gap right here.

By Tore Kjeilen