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1. Colonial houses

2. The "burned" beach

3. Peñon de Alhuceimas


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Al-Hoceima hotels

Assalam (t. 039 981413) OK value for money
al-Hana (t. 039 981642) Good value for money
Kinchassa (No phone) OK value for money
Oriente (No phone) OK value for money
du Nord (t. 039 983079) Good value for money
du Rif (t. 039 982268) OK value for money
de la Station (t. 039 983096) Good value for money

Etoile du Rif (t. 039 840848) Excellent value for money
Marrakech (t. 039 105918) Poor value for money

al-Khouzama (t. 039 985669) Good value for money
Maghreb Jadid (t. 039 982504) Good value for money

Mohammed V (t. 039 982233) Good value for money
National (t. 039 981123) Good value for money
Quemado On the beach. (t. 039 982233) Good value for money

Chafarina's Beach 4 km north, on the beach. Swimming pool (t. 039 841601) Good value for money

Hotels and alternatives
Quite good on hotels, and there are even a couple of camping grounds (not cheap). But with the hotels you get a fair deal for your money. Note that there are more and more people coming to Al-Hoceima for summer holidays, so booking ahead could be a good idea.

Restaurants and alternatives
It is not too easy to find cosy restaurants in town. Most are either very basic places that try to compensate for professionalism with friendliness, or they are hotel restaurants. Except for the restaurants in the most expensive hotels, these are not really worth the detour.

Al-Hoceima has slightly limited offerings for activities, considering how large part of the local tourism it gets. Along the beaches the most interesting offers appears to be boat rentals.

There are a few bars in town, which unfortunately have been taken over by Moroccan prostitutes and their clients. If you don't want to partake in this, and do not mind them, they will leave you in perfect peace.

Change Money
All the necessary banks you need.

The most popular means of transport are buses, which all are built around the Moroccan habit of early morning (from 4- 6 o'clock) travelling. Later in the day, shared taxis are a better way of travelling. It is fairly easy to cover good distances directly from Al-Hoceima, and major cities all over northern Morocco can easily be reached.
Note that roads around Al-Hoceima are following the mountains, so travelling up here will be far more time consuming than what a map will indicate.

By Tore Kjeilen